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Lactuca sativa

This SEEDS OF CHANGE™ original produces a potpourri of color, shape, taste and texture. Enjoy harvesting a new combination each day with this assortment of colorful early greens.

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Quick Facts

Plant Size: 3–4 inch baby leaves

Hardiness: Hardy Annual

Sun: Full

Seed Planting Depth: 0.125 inch

Days to Harvest: 28 days

Good for Container: Yes

Seed Origin: Open Pollinated

Easy to Grow: Yes

Water: Moderate

Days to Germinate: 3–10 days

Plant Spacing: 1–2 inches

Edible Flower: N/A

Growing Guide

Lettuces and greens are cool season crops and grow best at 60–70°F, but can be planted starting in early spring when daytime temperatures are above 50°F. Optimum growth occurs on well drained, fertile, high organic matter soils with a pH of 6.0–7.5. Brassicas (greens) germinate about twice as fast as the slower growing lettuces, which is why the first flush of Mesclun Mix is predominantly greens that must be cut to allow the lettuces to catch up. In addition, brassicas are a favorite food of small black flea beetles that munch tiny holes in the leaves. For these reasons, we recommend growing your lettuces and greens separately. Flea beetles can be controlled by covering your greens with floating row cover to exclude them. Lettuces prefer bright full sun to bring out their best colors, so don't need to be covered. Irrigate frequently to provide continuous moisture and cool the soil, but avoid water logging. Use shade cloth when sowing in hot weather.

Salad mixes are direct seeded. Plant small sections every three weeks for continuous harvests. Sow less frequently during cool spring and fall conditions. Optimum germination occurs at soil temperatures from 60–70°F, but seeds will germinate at as low as 40°F. For best results, sow seeds thickly, about 1" apart from each other, 1/8 inch deep in 4 inch wide bands, allowing 6–8 inches between rows to allow weed cultivation; or broadcast seed over a weed-free bed. Salad mix can also be grown to maturity in containers.

Downy Mildew is one of the most serious diseases of lettuce, especially in late summer plantings. Lettuce mixes are available with some resistance to this fungal pathogen (see variety descriptions). Encourage beneficial insect activity by planting alyssum nearby to suppress aphid populations. Flea beetles can be controlled by covering your greens with floating row cover from the day of planting to exclude them.

Clear cut leaves about an inch above the growing point to allow for even regrowth. Each planting will regrow a few times depending on the season. Make succession plantings to ensure a constant supply. Cut baby-leaf mixes will keep in the refrigerator for about a week. Wait to wash them until just prior to use to prevent rot. Use a salad spinner to wash and spin dry or pat dry on clean towels.

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