Organic Summer Thyme Seeds

Thymus vulgaris

This medicinal herb is a garden essential and a classic culinary treasure. A strong aromatic herb, widely used in international cuisine and as a remedy for colds, flu and respiratory problems.

  • USDA Organic

Plant Size : 10 -15 inches

Hardiness : Hardy Perennial

Sun : Full

Seed Planting Depth : 0.125"

Days to Harvest : 90 days

Good For Container : Yes

Heirloom size: Heirloom

Easy to Grow: Yes

Water: Moderate

Days to Germination: 10 - 14 Days

Plant spacing with in a row: 6" - 8"

Edible Flower : Yes

Grow Guide Conditions:

This classic culinary and ornamental herb is perfect for rock gardens and can be used in teas during the winter to fend off colds. Start the tiny seeds indoors in early spring.

Grow Guide Seed:

Plant seeds shallowly, 1/8 inch deep and keep moist. Seeds take 2-3 weeks to germinate at soil temperatures between 60-75°F. Transplant in a well drained location in the full sun

Grow Guide Harvest:

Harvest and dry or use fresh.