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Product Description

Helianthus annuus

This SEEDS OF CHANGE™ original yields a stunning mix of yellow, gold, bronze and maroon, multi-branched sunflowers with doubled centers and a single-petaled outer edge.

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Quick Facts

Plant Size: 6–8 foot plants, 4–8 inch flowers

Hardiness: Tender Annual

Sun: Full

Seed Planting Depth: 0.5 inch

Days to Harvest: 85 days

Good for Container: Yes

Seed Origin: Open Pollinated

Easy to Grow: Yes

Water: Moderate

Days to Germinate: 7–14 days

Plant Spacing: 12–18 inches

Edible Flower: Yes

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Pretty successful so far

Why the 1-star review? Because after I spent a lengthy period explaining exactly why my seeds were successful, my form was rejected because my nickname was too short, and the site didn't allow me to go back and re-edit, so I had to start over. Here's the condensed version: 1) Seeds: good. Website: sucks. 2) # of seeds in packet: ~30 3) Pre-soaked the seeds for 8-12 hours before planting. The package won't say anything about this. 4) Live in Indiana, but planted in seed trays in early-July (recommended window was May/June) 5) Put seeds near open windows in 3-seasons room, protected from the sun (too much sun raises soil temp beyond 85 degrees, which is typical threshold for seed germination, so if people are trying this in Summer, putting their seeds out in the sun might actually NOT be a good idea). 6) Watered regularly until seeds emerged Lastly: copy your review and paste it somewhere before you attempt to post, or else you risk this crap-tastic site rejecting it.

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Every seed germinated!
| JennJenn

I love these so much. I was expecting every seed to germinate. I have some in pots, some in the ground and they are now blooming. Every morning is a surprise as they are all so beautiful and different. I’ll buy them again for sure.

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