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Zinnia elegans

A gorgeous blend of single and double blooms in a dazzling array of colors. Keep cutting flowers to encourage even more blooms through the summer. One of our favorites for bouquets all season long.

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Quick Facts

Plant Size: 3–4 foot plants, 3–4 inch flowers

Hardiness: Tender Annual

Sun: Full/Partial

Seed Planting Depth: 0.25 inch

Days to Harvest: 65 days

Good for Container: Yes

Seed Origin: Open Pollinated

Easy to Grow: Yes

Water: Moderate

Days to Germinate: 5–10 days

Plant Spacing: 8–12 inches

Edible Flower: N/A

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How many seeds in a pack?
| Stephen

Please provide numbers on how many seeds are in a pack so I know how many to buy. I will purchase seeds from a dealer who can tell me how many I'm getting. This is just basic, I have a 10 acre farm, how am I supposed to plan without this basic knowledge?

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Anticipating Spring
| JClark

Anticipating Spring, I bought the Organic 'Cut and Come Again' Mix Zinnia flower seeds yesterday. (I absolutely love Zinnias -- easiest to grow and they just keep-on-bloomin'.) However, no where on the package does it say how tall these Zinnia grow -- perhaps an oversight by SOC? Thankfully their height is posted here on the website so I won't be planting them in the front row as I'd originally planned. Also, I cannot honestly rate the seeds because it's still winter here in Ohio so I have to rate them all 5 stars even tho Zinnias don't taste too swell! And finally, what I 'like' most about these seeds (which is not listed) is "Eco-Friendly". (At this point in time, every corporation, manufacturer, retailer, and person on Earth should love & promote "eco-friendly".)

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