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Taking Pride in Our Ingredients

What you eat matters for your health and the planet. Learn how Seeds of Change™ is making a difference.

You want the food you eat to matter — not just for your health, but for the health of the planet and all the life on it. To make a lasting impact, you need food that’s nutritious and flavorful, responsibly and sustainably grown, and trustworthy. We couldn’t agree more.

Where Change Begins

We believe that eating is a sacred act. Seeds of Change™ is committed to using ingredients that are ethically sourced from a select group of farmers. Our growers follow rigorous standards for raising a variety of crops from organic seeds that reflect the bounty of healthy foods nature has to offer.


A member of the grass family, barley is not gluten free. But unlike wheat, barley contains fiber throughout its grain, making it a considerably high-fiber food.

Eating Healthy Comes Naturally

Food is best for you — and easiest to prepare — when each ingredient is recognizable and as close to its natural form as possible. We didn't arrive at where we are as a species by snacking on Yellow 5 and Red 40, but by eating simply. At Seeds of Change™, we take our cues from nature, using heart-healthy, vitamin-rich foods such as garlic and leafy greens that are widely available in their most natural and nutritious forms. We’re proud to offer plant-based products that feature whole grains like brown rice and quinoa and superfoods like kale, chia and flaxseed.

Not the Same Old Plain Rice

You don’t have to serve your entrées over the same steamed rice day in and day out. There’s a whole wonderful world of grains just waiting to entice your senses. From the hearty chewiness of barley to the satisfying crunch of chia seeds, Seeds of Change™ products deliver textures that satisfy. With flavors ranging from the smoky earthiness of wild rice to the mild, nutty taste of quinoa, we put Mother Nature’s bounty on full display.

Set Sail with Unique Flavors

What rice will you use tonight? That depends on your appetite. Seeds of Change™ has a quick, convenient option for everyone. Explore the cuisine of East Asia with our Aromatic Jasmine Rice or sample the flavors of Northern India with our Brown Basmati Rice. Spice things up with Spanish Style Rice or try a little bit of everything with Seven Whole Grains.

No matter what you’re preparing for the dinner table, you can trust Seeds of Change™ to offer your family delicious, healthy foods made from the highest-quality ingredients.

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