This is platinum cucumber. It’s our latest white slicing cucumber. And it’s been winning flavor and taste tests all around the country.
A lot of the small farmers that we’ve tested it with have really found that their customers have come back asking for more because it’s not bitter. It’s a very juice and delicious cucumber for your salads. And the white skin doesn’t even have to be peeled.
You can pick it when it’s slightly green and small or turning a little bit white. But, you don’t want to let it get really big and bloated and fully white like this. So it’s better to pick them when they’re this size.
We’re letting these plants produce these big, bloated cucumbers because this is going to be our seed crop. So inside this fruit the seeds are big and starting to form. We’ll let them mature and we’ll show you how we clean those seeds which is a really fun and messy process.

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