kale quick tips

Kale: Quick Tips

Find out why growing kale in the cooler months yields an amazingly sweet flavor.

• Kale grows lush and tender and fall when the weather is cool or moist.
• Kale doesn't like hot weather.
• Spring planted crops start to get tough and bitter when summer heat arrives.
• When the plants are stressed they become more susceptible to insects like aphids control with insecticidal soap spray.
• Start new kale plant in August (September in the south) to mature in the cooler weather of autumn.
• Cold weather and frost makes kale taste makes amazingly sweet!
• Wait until leaves have thawed to harvest after a frost.
• Fall kale crop continues to produce new leaves for harvesting well into the winter.
• Harvest Kale from the bottom up.
• Break off a few of the larger leaves from each plant by holding the stem near the central stalk and gently snapping downward.
• Be sure not to remove the newly emerging leaves at the top of the plant or damage the top most growing point.
• Eventually your plants may look like miniature palm trees.

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