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Start your garden off on the right foot by planning before you plant.


Learn how to start your seeds and transplant seedlings, prepare your garden beds and improve your soil fertility.


Learn about watering, weeding, pest control, companion planting, container gardening and much more.


Know when to pick vegetables based on ripeness and growing time.

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Composting Simplified
Composting Simplified:

Step-by-step instructions for making your own compost pile.

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Starting Seeds Indoors

Step by step instructions for starting your seeds indoors.

Gold Nugget Squash

Try this compact bush winter squash that tastes like sweet potatoes!

Sweet Corn Tips

Learn how sweet corn ears form on the plants, how to control corn ear worms organically, and when to harvest these sweet treats of summer!

Platinum Cucumber

Try growing our new white-skinned cucumber for a tasty and beautiful garden-to-table experience!