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Seeds of Change
Growing flowers, herbs and vegetables is part art, part science. With a bit of knowledge, you too can become a successful gardener.


Succession Planting
Succession Planting:

Keep your garden productive all year long.

Understanding and Growing Heirloom Fruits and Vegetables:
Understanding and Growing Heirloom Fruits and Vegetables:

Heirloom fruits and vegetables are gifts that keep on giving.

Kale Quick Tips
Kale - Quick Tips:

Kale grows lush and tender in the spring and fall when the weather is cool and moist.

Squash - Quick Tips
Squash - Quick Tips:

Did you know that squash have both male and female flowers on each plant?

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Starting Seeds Indoors

Step by step instructions for starting your seeds indoors.

Gold Nugget Squash

Try this compact bush winter squash that tastes like sweet potatoes!

Sweet Corn Tips

Learn how sweet corn ears form on the plants, how to control corn ear worms organically, and when to harvest these sweet treats of summer!

Platinum Cucumber

Try growing our new white-skinned cucumber for a tasty and beautiful garden-to-table experience!